Using Cannabis and Tobacco Together

Some studies show that cannabis seems to help relieve chronic pain in adults and improve symptoms for conditions like multiple sclerosis. It also helps manage the side effects of the nausea and vomiting chemotherapy can cause.

However, just because non-medical cannabis is legal, doesn’t mean there aren’t major health risks associated with it. There are—and it’s important that you think about the risks, and how using cannabis can affect their day-to-day life, well-being, and long-term health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are cannabis and tobacco used together?
  • Teens and young adults have a higher risk of becoming addicted to nicotine.
  • Stopping smoking may be harder for people who mix tobacco with cannabis because the combination may make nicotine withdrawal stronger.
  • People who use cannabis and tobacco together are at risk of making unsafe decisions, such as driving while impaired and other risky behaviour.
  • People who use cannabis and tobacco together have more breathing problems than those who use only tobacco because of the increased exposure to harmful chemicals, including carbon monoxide and tar.
  • There can be more problems with memory and learning. To learn more, or for support in quitting tobacco or cannabis, visit or call toll-free.