Tips for your first day of quitting smoking

You've done the prep. Now it's time to bring it all together and start your new smoke-free life.

Once you’ve set your quit date, being prepared for the day will increase your chances of quit success. The first day without cigarettes can be hard, but here are three steps to manage your quit day and have the tools and confidence to stay smoke-free.

Three tips for the big day:

Keep busy
Cravings are strongest for the first few days, so keeping busy will help distract you and keep your thoughts off smoking. Do all those things you’ve been avoiding and you will feel accomplished and occupies.
Stay positive
Quitting is hard so focus on one craving at a time. Remember why you are quitting and visualize this when an urge to smoke hits. We can do this.
Avoid your triggers
Triggers include places, people or situations that cause you to want to smoke. Everyone has their own triggers. Make sure you know yours and avoid them where possible.