Conquering cravings

Cravings might feel long, but they are actually surprisingly short. We can conquer your cravings in five minutes or less. You know your triggers and when a craving might hit. We will help with some tools to get you through the cravings.

Nicotine is a very addictive drug, so when you stop smoking, your body will crave cigarettes. Craving will be most intense in the first few days and strong cravings will usually last for about two weeks. Cravings will be less and less frequent and less intense as time passes. However, you may experience some cravings at times even months after you quit. Having ideas ready for how you will deal with cravings can make a big difference!

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What will you do to conquer your cravings?

  • Studies show that exercising can really help with cravings. Even a moderate aerobic workout can help get you over that hump, and it will help get you into better shape to boot!
  • Try washing your hands, having a shower, or brushing your hair. These things can help distract you from the craving and make you feel better in the bargain.
  • This will give you something to do with your hands, taking the edge off and providing a distraction. Remember that the craving will only last for a few minutes.
  • You are used to having a cigarette in your mouth, so when you are experiencing a craving, it may help to have a substitute ready especially in the first couple of weeks when cravings are strong. Having a healthy snack like celery or carrot sticks, or sucking on a sugarless candy can help you to resist cravings until they pass.
  • Have a favorite activity planned and ready for those times when you are experiencing a craving such as a deck of cards, knitting, or a game on your phone. This can help to distract you, and help you to wait out the craving.
  • It can help to connect with someone when you are having a craving especially someone who has also experienced quitting smoking. Reach out to a friend or support person at these times.
  • Take some time to learn some relaxation techniques. Deep breathing exercises can help you relax your mind when experiencing a craving. These exercises can also be helpful in dealing with other symptoms of withdrawal such as anxiety.