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Thinking about quitting

I want to quit! But its hard >.<

July 12, 2018
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I am planning to quit smoking marijuana but i guessed it will not be easy as some of you guys know that marijuana gives us benefits to our body. I can't imagine myself not using it anymore aside from this i read https://www.greenmed.io/blog/can-cannabis-part-recovery-recovering-addicts-say-yes/ about the minor and major problem of smoking marijuana.

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  • j
    Quit 17 days ago
    2 weeks ago #

    Hi there, I'm a new member!!! I've been smoking for 10 or 11 years. I tried to quit smoking about 3 times, but it's hard... Maybe this time would be last one and successful for me. At first, I'm going to buy an e-cigarette. Could you help me to pick up something good?

  • T
    Tom Riley
    Thinking about quitting
    2 weeks ago #

    That's why I started using e-cigs. Cigarettes are harmful and can cause harm to people around you, also it's not nice to constantly try to find a place to smoke a cigarette... Look at some e-cigs here: https://www.mygadget.us/, you can buy them online for a good price, maybe you will change your mind and realize that cigarettes shouldn't be really allowed anywhere.

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