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Need help to quit

July 30, 2017
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I started smoking when i was 12 I tried so many times to quit but was unsuccessful i tried the gum but got blisters in my mouth tried the patch dizzy i also tried acupuncture but 30 minutes later had a smoke my husband stopped many years ago cold turkey I really want to quit but it is so hard and I don't like the side effects of the pills so my hubby said that I should smoke one less cigarette each day and write down when I needed it the most to find my trigger I hope it works

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    Quit 78 days ago
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    Have you ever tried e-cigarets or vaping? Because that's what helps me to remain smoke-free for 2 months now. Also, It all comes from your head. You must find out what will cause disgust from smoking. My sister's husband quit by saying "you don't need it" any time he wanted to have a cigaret. You probably have heard about Allen Carr's book, but all of my smoker friends who read it (me also) say it doesn't really work, but give it a try. Let me tell that food will be much tastier after a week of not smoking, I promise. I bought my self a vape starter kit here: [url=https://www.mygadget.us/]ecig buy online[/url] and I hope I'll quit vaping also soon. We are the creators of our problems and happiness!

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