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Help in quitting smoking

July 27, 2015
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My husband is a smoker for years. I knew that he was a smoker before marriage, but it didn't bother me much. Very recently he had a surgery for hernia @ http://www.shouldice.com/types-of-hernia.aspx . The doctors there told me that, one of the reasons why it was caused is due to his excessive smoking. He might just get it again if he doesn't quit. How can I convince him to stop? Please advise!

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  • J
    2 years ago #

    Amanda...seems like this for, section is really unused...too bad...I think your hubby just needs to want to quit on his own....get some patches for 305 Jarvis...good luck

  • L
    Quit 202 days ago
    8 months ago #

    I'm really sorry to hear that but there are some alternative (even nicotine-free), like e cigs or something. you can take a look at some things to purchase here https://www.mygadget.us/. Good luck

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