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Did you know…

  • 1 out of every 2 long-term smoker dies from smoking or smoking-related illnesses.
  • About one out of three youth who smoke will eventually die from a tobacco-related illness.
  • 37,000 Canadians die every year from tobacco, and that’s the entire Yukon population!
  • Not everyone’s doing it! 86% of Yukon Youth in grades 6-10 have never even tried it.
  • Cigarette Smoke has 4000+ chemicals in it, and 70 of them are known to cause cancer.
  • Hookah smoke is just as bad as cigarette smoke – a 60 minute hookah session is the same as smoking 100 cigarettes.
  • Smoking makes it harder to exercise and play sports because it damages the lungs and makes it harder to breathe.
  • 600 million trees are chopped down every year in order to make tobacco products.
  • Nicotine is one of the chemicals in cigarettes and smokeless tobacco that makes them so addictive. It is a powerful chemical that alters the way our brain works. Experts say tobacco is as addictive as cocaine or heroin.
  • Cigarettes cost a lot of money, and that money adds up fast! See how much it can add up in a week/month/year with Quit Path’s Smoking Cost Calculator.
  • Tobacco companies spent $9.6 billion in 2012 on advertising and promoting their tobacco products – that’s 26 million dollars a day! Picture winning the lottery… every single day… and spending all of it on advertising and promotions!
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