Healthcare providers

You play an integral role in helping your patients quit smoking and lead healthier lives. QuitPath is here to help make it easier.

Making it easier to help patients who smoke

QuitPath offers an effective way to help patients quit. It's called our Support is the Key Referral Program. The program is based on clinical guidelines which recommend a 5As approach to counselling a patient to quit smoking. These are:

1.    Ask about their tobacco use
2.    Advise them to Quit
3.    Assess for willingness to quit
4.    Assist in a quit attempt
5.    Arrange for follow-up

How we help you

You Ask and Advise your patient.
We Assess, Assist and Arrange quit smoking support.

The Support is the Key Referral Program links two effective cessation services Smokers' Helpline and QuitPath making it easy to refer patients to our support services. Using our phone service the patient will speak with a trained smoking cessation coach. The trained expert will:

  • Assess the patient's willingness to quit smoking,
  • Assist the patient to develop a quit plan and identify appropriate quit supports
  • Arrange for follow up support for the patient

To receive a Support is the key Fax Referral package call us at 867.667.8393, email to , or send a fax to 1 (867) 456 6502.