Friends and family

In addition to telling your friends and family about our free quit smoking services, here are some tips on how to help.

Making it easier to help a loved one quit smoking

Ask what you can do to help. Everyone has different needs.
Don't start offering unsolicited advice. If they want space, give it to them. Let them know you're available, and if they need you, they'll come to you.

Be understanding and available
Irritability and crankiness are common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. These moods will pass, but in the meantime, give your friend a break. Get informed about the side effects and cravings common during the quitting process.

Never nag. It will only make them feel worse.
If you stress them out, you'll push them right back into that old vice. Slips and relapses happen, and smokers rarely quit on their first attempt. In order to pick themselves up and try again, they need to feel supported and encouraged.

Celebrate their successes. Quitting is a big deal.
Quitting creates a lot of stress, and small help with errands or around the house can make life a lot easier for them during this transition. Invite them out to a movie, to go shopping, visit friends for dinner, or just a walk through the park.


Tell them about QuitPath

FREE quit smoking support services
QuitPath offers free support services to help Yukoners quit smoking. We bundle all of our online services under something we call "My Quit Centre." Learn about it and refer friends and family.

FREE Nicotine Patches 
The Yukon government offers a 3-month supply of nicotine Patches through their QuitPath program. Learn about other face to face services by calling 1-866-221-8393

Online community
Help is what our community discussion forums are all about.  They're places where those people ready to quit smoking can get support from others going through the process of becoming or staying tobacco-free.